Best Ride-on Lawn Mower

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March 16, 2021

Best Ride-on Lawn Mower

Best Ride-on Lawn Mower Riding lawn mowers come in so many sizes and varieties that you may think it’s impossible to determine which one will work best for your yard, but there are things you can look at to make the decision a lot easier. The cut width is what you want to look at when compared to your yard size, with smaller yards doing fine with 30- to 42-inch cut widths and larger yards doing better with 50- or even 60-inch cut widths.

In addition to these things, you might want to consider a ride-on lawnmower with a steering wheel for any uneven terrain, and a zero-turn-radius (ZTR) mower for yards that have a lot of challenges or obstacles in them. Deck wheels can also help when you have uneven terrain, and look for automatic parking brakes on your ZTR mower for extra safety and convenience.

Best Ride-on Lawn Mower